Vegas Baby!

So, today I’m flying to Las Vegas, Nevada to attend Skip’s Summer School at the Mirage hotel. This promises to be a fun and educational time learning about photographic lighting, composition, and hopefully workflow. I’ll get to meet in person some of the photographers whose works have helped me reach the level I’m at. After this week, I expect to be able to take my work up a notch and be more productive.


The airline I’m flying is American Airlines. I think I still like them, even with the baggage fees. Which, thanks to smart and compact packing, I did not have to pay. I got everything in my carry-ons. 🙂

Let me just sat, electronic check-in is da BOMB! 24 hours ahead of the flight, I was able to check in via the Web. I know, this is probably old-hat for all you frequent travelers. But this is the first time I’ve been inside an airport in over 10 years.

Also, the mobile boarding pass: IT ROCKS! Just pull up that little QR code on your phone and they scan it at all the checkpoints! No irritating pieces if paper to keep track of, nothing to lose! You can save the QR code as an image on your phone, too. So if there’s no reception, you’re all set!


So far things are going pretty well. The guy next to me is pretty skinny, which makes up for my current girth. The flight took off right on time, so I’ll be in Vegas when expected. The flight is jam-packed full-literally not an empty seat on the plane.

The week is starting off on a pretty high note. I’m sure it will get better from here!