Dragon’s Breath

So, I have a new camera. And a party to attend. A party, mind you, where things can get slightly crazy. Although, as the years go by, the crazy gets less so. *sigh* Kids and old bones. Such is life, I reckon. Well, in any case, Kacey still breathes fire, and does it without burning off his beard. 🙂 I’m always impressed by this. It takes skill and control to 1) not swallow the fuel and 2) not dribble the fuel down your chin (which would be VERY painful when lit on fire!). In addition to some pictures I took of the event, I also captured a video of Kacey’s fire breathing. Have a look-see!


Hope you enjoy the display! I did, even watching it through the LCD screen. I’m thoroughly in love with this camera. While composition and content is my own creation, the ability to capture a clean, detailed image depends on the camera. I can focus, select aperture, shutter speed, ISO, etc., but if the camera performs poorly, then my (so-called) brilliance will be for naught. Somebody who doesn’t know how to capture a great image won’t really benefit from better gear. A good photographer, though, can use the better gear to stretch her vision and more accurately realize what is seen in the mind’s eye. It’s a constant battle: vision vs. gear. Without vision, gear is useless. Better gear makes it easier to realize the vision. It’s a symbiotic relationship, in my opinion. One day, I’ll look to medium format. For now, I have an opportunity to grow into my new camera until I can stretch its boundaries.



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