Taking care of customers

How well do you take care of your customers?

The other day, I had to visit my dentist to get my filling replaced. Yes, just the one. And it’s really tiny. 🙂 There was a mother in the waiting room with her 3 children. Evidently the oldest was getting a teeth cleaning that day. The hygienist came out to see if mom wanted to get x-rays for the kid, as it was almost time and it was covered by insurance. Along the way, it came out that the kid was getting braces out in a couple of weeks. The hygienist was immediately on top of that, and wanted to know if the mom wanted to just come back after the braces came off, instead of making a second appointment to get the cement, etc., all scrapped off. Essentially, the hygienist cost herself money in looking after the best interests of her customer…she got the kid’s appointment rescheduled instead of scheduling a 2nd post-braces appointment, and didn’t have anybody to fill the now-vacant appointment.

Those are the types of businesses I like to patronize. When a business looks out for the welfare of its customers, even if it costs the business a sale or service, it shows that the people there care about their customers more than making a buck. You know what? I’m happy to give my bucks to that type of business. Even if it does mean getting a tooth drilled and polished.

How do you treat your own customers?